Metro Detour // product identity and brand marketing
When Metro Furniture Company introduced a new line of office furniture it introduced new ways of thinking about office culture. Detour represents a shift in thinking about how furniture can facilitate a collaborative office environment and work culture.
The challenge was to create an identity and brand collateral that reflected what the furniture represented. The solutions are a fresh approach at presenting a product line in visually engaging ways that go beyond the norm in furniture marketing.
Initial logo sketches, identity development explored representing 'a shift in thinking' and 'journey'. Final mark with tagline lockup on right.
Key components of the visual language—the players, the field and the goal—established a unique point of view and approach to imagery and typography.
Sales brochures and printed collateral exemplify the spirit of the brand and support the sales cycle and further expand the visual language.
Posters introducing and defining the terms 'free range teaming' and 'softwork' help describe the collaborative office work and culture.

Diagrams and typographic treatments helped carry the message.
Additional printed collateral included a set of magnets and t-shirt that carried a whimsical point of view.
// Work completed while employed by Tenazas Design for Metro Furniture Company.

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