Delivering Logitech in Motion // motion graphics and interactive marketing
A major industry conference calls for a powerful exhibit booth. Motion graphics developed for Logitech’s booth the the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) were projected onto a 12ft waterfall, providing a dynamic visual backdrop for a live DJ performance.
A brief excerpt from the original 10 minute runtime loop showcasing product highlights, gaming clips and marketing messages. This was projected behind a live DJ bombarding attendees with picture and sound.
Animated video and motion graphics developed for Logitech’s booth at the Consumer Electronic Showcase (CES) demonstrated the powerful experience that Logitech products deliver on your desktop and in your living room.
Excerpts from 3 short videos created for the visitor experience: mobile accessories, bluetooth technology and video instant messaging.
Launching a new marketing initiative focused on the benefits of its cordless products, Logitech chose to get rid of the cord clutter and promote that cordless is more.
An animated, interactive module developed in flash interconnected product information, demos and dynamic content.
// Work completed in collaboration with Nuk Design and Motivated Pixels.

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