Texas A&M Alumni Center // exhibit and environmental graphic design
The Texas A&M Aggie Spirit is brought to life through a series of immersive, interactive exhibits. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about time-honored traditions, record student memories, and get a unique 360-degree view of what it’s like on game day.
Large photo sculpture in the entrance lobby welcomes all visitors. Multi-level timeline displays give visitors a view into key milesones. Visitors get to see what it's like being a yell leader through an interactive video tracking, record and playback experience or immerse themselves into game day through 360 degree view video.
The Tribute touchscreen experience gives visitors large-scale access to the media-rich former student database. The Legacy touchscreen experience educates visitors about key symbols of Texas A&M culture.
// Work completed while employed at West Office Exhibition Design for The Association of Former Students at Texas A&M University.

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