Celebrating our Emotional Rocks  // social media and email marketing
Affirm had a more inclusive approach to Fathers’ Day gifting and wanted to encourage people to recognize and give back to those who have given so much.

Our concept framed this as ‘Emotional Rocks:’
This one goes out to the people who never let us down when the chips are down – our emergency contacts, our ports in the storm, the people who show up first when things are at their worst. This campaign calls for us to show our gratitude for those who are always there when they’re needed most.
Through multiple rounds of refinement, we landed on a simple series of bright, colorful graphics and snapshot photography that tied back to the original visual approach and emotional appeal which could be easily adapted to account for product suggestions.
The campaign consisted of a series of social media posts touting partnerships and 'suggested gifts' as well as a steady trickle of email marketing leading up to the day.  
// IRON Creative team: Brad Rhodes (Creative Direction), Marcela Carrillo (Art Direction, Design), John Walsh (Copywriting)

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