Experiencing IDEO Design Thinking // exhibit and environmental graphic design
Using artifacts from the Cooper Hewitt's collection, IDEO presents an approach to design thinking through objects that demonstrate innovative problem solving over the past five centuries. Utilizing three lenses—Empathy, Inspiration and Intuition—visitors are encouraged to view the world as design thinkers.
Large graphic panels engage about design thinking and educate them about the lenses of empathy, inspiration and intuition.

The lenses of empathy, inspiration and intuition provide unique narratives for artifacts from the collection.
Graphic panel vocabulary

A media display invites engages to take the ideas of empathy, inspiration and intuition and apply it to their world. Postcard collateral invites visitors to capture, upload and share their own points of view onto the online photo gallery and through the mail.
Online experience included artifacts from the exhibit as well as supplementary narratives and primer on design thinking from IDEO's point of view.
// Work completed in collaboration with IDEO for the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum.

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