Connecting with Salesforce’s dynamic email engine  // email marketing assets
Salesforce leverages its own marketing cloud to create dynamic content and deliver targeted messages to audiences that drive awareness, nurture leads and promote assets, product and events.
In order to streamline the automated process of putting together unique content with imagery that supports the message, we created  a multi-tiered system of reusable assets that cover a range of categories and content types.
This image library features Salesforce’s Astro character as the brand representative and plays a purposeful role alongside various supporting visuals and elements of brand illustration and iconography.
The system supports industry verticals, e.g. Consumer goods, Financial Services, Health & Life Sciences and Retail.
For technical product storytelling, experiences and interfaces are presented in a range of abstractions.
// IRON Creative team: Brad Rhodes (Creative Direction), Melody Numa (Art Direction), Daniel Young (Design), Sarah Darby (Account Direction)

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