UpStart  // logo and brand development
UpStart is an organization that empowers leaders to dream, build, and grow initiatives that enhance the vitality of Jewish life. They serve to strengthen the bond among entrepreneurs and ventures, intrapreneurs and institutions, and communities moving Jewish culture forward.
The solution for a new brand identity needed to remain flexible and adaptable, while embodying a sense of collaboration and visual risk-taking. The logo reflects the duality between creativity and structure, and matches the solidity of black with a single, vibrant color. A set of graphic elements, photographic style and portrait treatments come together as a kit of parts to build a visual vocabulary for UpStart to get creative with.
Early process reflected ways of expressing our initial concept of moving connections. Refinements helped evolve our clarity in thinking and formed a foundation for the final solution. Only through a multitude of options were we able to drive the dialogue with the client and collaborate on how their mission comes to life.
// Work completed in collaboration with the good folks at Mission Minded.

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